About us
          We have experience of 12 years. We have very Well Trained & Trustworthy Staff that treats our Customers very well. We have workers who are very fast in thier work with Quality Assurance. Our staff can complete one room in one day. We offer our service at Reasonable Rath with perfect dimensions. We work at Office, Home, Shop, etc.
     Our Feature
Durable-lifelong protection.  
Exterior texture-weather resistant and interior texture-water resistant.
Fire-resistant and anti-fungal.
Washable and abrasion resistant.
Can be applied on a wide variety of surfaces.
Finished surface offers depth and texture.
Wide variety-single, double and multicolor combinations.
Easy to apply. Single coat. No special tools or training.
Hide and withstands hairline cracks.
Dries to a very hard finish which can be sanded.
Product combined with a top coat gives glossy finish.  
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